My name is Eric Lealos and for nearly 20 years I have supported, implemented, designed and extended data warehouses and Business Intelligence Applications to provide automation, timeliness, reliability, accuracy, insights or other information of value to companies in a wide variety of industries across North America. I enjoy learning how businesses work, understanding business objectives and creating effective business intelligence and analytic solutions to accomplish them. My experience ranges from architecture, design and solution development to implementation, administration, support and maintenance. I am passionate about being a hands-on architect and it grounds my design approach in simplicity, and practical, real-world capabilities. I find that real genius almost always looks obvious and easy, but not until after you have created it. It is what I strive for every day.

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data Applications sometimes seem to be one of the more difficult projects to get right. They hold so much promise at the onset, with lofty visions of integrated data, seamless software, meaningful discoveries and insights that prescribe clear actions with measurable results. The reality is often different. Data is messy, hard to find, and tough to fit together. Tools and applications do not perform or work as expected in real world situations, and people aren’t on the same page when it comes to requirements, design, or implementation. When these realities hit, projects face choices between less than ideal options, and things begin to look more like the way things were, rather than the vision that launched the project in the first place. All too often time, effort and money is spent with very little return, despite the new software, the new hardware and the new data warehouse. The causes and contributors to these kinds of failures are numerous and varied.  Common among them are bad data architecture, incorrect tool selection, and bad application design. The root cause of these, and most other contributors to failure is inexperience. And this brings me to the purpose of this website.

Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had, have happened when I have shared challenges and the way I have solved them with others. More often than not, the result of this exchange of ideas is a remarkable synthesis that solves the problem in a way that wasn’t possible for me alone.  It really is energizing to work with other talented people and borrow parts of their ideas, mix them with mine and create simple elegant solutions that work well. First, I want to share these ideas here, so that everyone can implement them, if they find them useful and relevant. Second, I would really like to share with others how people are using Big Data and Business Analytics to solve real problems and achieve real benefits. And third, I am hoping that by throwing myself out in the world and presenting my ideas, I will encounter others like me and challenges looking for people like me. So, if you stumble across this page and find something useful, or have an idea you would like to share or add, let me know. I look forward to it!